Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fun, friends, and random Aug-Dec 2011

Zip line in Vegas with Kim

Just after we finished the 1/2 marathon
Before the was a bit chilly!

Getting ready for the aquarium
Singing and reading with Auntie Kim
Tide pool at the aquarium
USNA 2002

LSU vs Bama Party (First meeting)
Uncle Quinn
A girl on a mission

Our neighbors

Our Halloween project

Emily's friend Maximo

Playing with Auntie Laura and Katelyn at the Children's museum
Tyler teaching Emily the piano

Seahawk game after the wedding
Loving the horse track

Picking a winning horse...

Hanging out in Carlsbad with my dear friend Amy
The circus...
Helping Gma and Gpa water
Spreckle's Park Coronado
Pacific Beach with Auntie Kim

Navigating the San Diego Zoo

Between friends and family coming to visit, visiting family, having football parties and Jeremy perfecting his sangria we have had so much fun in San Diego so far. 2011 has been great! My sister got married, Jeremy and I went to Hawaii for our 5th anniversary, we have seen so many family and friends that I am getting spoiled being out here! Hope it never ends!!!! San Diego is really the best place we have lived (in my opinion of course). Emily is still swimming and starting school this coming year...well it's only 2 days a week for 4 hours but she is ready and excited. She is talking up a storm! Emily is definitely a diva in the making...she's big on the whole princess thing...where did she get that from? Hope 2012 is as great as 2011 was! I will try to keep this blog up better! Hope all is well with everyone. Happy New Year!

Wow...It's been a while

Thank you Santa...
Cousin Jonathan Baptism

Swinging with Pops

Emily loves her cousins...
Cookies with Aunt Rachel

Yummy Beignets
Cafe Du Monde

Researching black friday deals...

Dancing machine

I haven't updated this thing in a really lone time. What has happened between August and now?? Well, my sister got married in September and Emily and I were both in the wedding, we went to Monterey for Thanksgiving to visit with Allison and Slidell for Christmas! I ran a half marathon in Vegas as well. Those were the major events!